PDF QR code generator: Convert PDF to QR code in 5 seconds

Last updated:   August 19, 2022

A PDF QR code generator is used to generate and convert a PDF document into a PDF QR code file. A PDF QR code, when scanned, will display a PDF file on the user's smartphone screen.

This makes it convenient to share and download the PDF document right away using the user's mobile device. 

Any type of QR code is scannable using a QR code reader or a smartphone device in a photo mode pointing at the QR code to access directly its content.

So, to learn how to create a QR code for a PDF file, read this blog and find out.

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How to create a QR code for a PDF using QRTIGER's PDF QR Code generator online

To learn how to make a QR code for a PDF file, just follow these simple steps:

  • Go to www.qrcode-tiger.com
  • Click “File” on the menu
  • Upload your PDF file 
  • Click the "generate QR code button"
  • Personalize your PDF QR code according to your preferred style
  • Do a scan test of your QR code 
  • Download  your QR code 
  • Track the data of your QR code 

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Why do you need to convert your PDF file using a PDF QR code generator? 

A PDF QR code is a convenient way of sharing PDF documents with the audience through smartphones. They can simply scan the code embedded with a PDF and download it right away on their devices. 

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Can you edit your PDF QR code to another PDF document?

The user can edit his PDF QR code and redirect it to another PDF file or any document, even if it is already printed or shared. 

edit pdf qr code

PDF QR code is a dynamic  QR type that makes it modifiable by nature.

PDF QR code is under the File menu solution, which embeds PDF, Jpeg, PNG, MP3, or MP4 files. Therefore, you can edit your PDF QR code and replace it with another PDF without having to create another QR code, even if it has been printed. 

Yes! You read that right! 

You can also redirect your PDF QR code and change it with an MP3 file, PNG, JPEG, etc. (all of these are under the file menu category, making it allowable.) 

 Furthermore, dynamic QR codes are also trackable, meaning you can track the data of your PDF scans even in real-time! 

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What is under the file menu category aside from the PDF?

File QR code, as we have discussed, encrypts and displays PDF, Jpeg, Png, MP3, or MP4 files instantly to users’ smartphones when scanning your QR code.

That being said, a File QR code allows you a multiple QR campaign in a single QR code! You can also watch the video for further details!

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What benefits do you get when you create a QR code for a PDF file?

1. Easy sharing of documents 

easy share pdf qr code

Since a PDF QR code is accessible and shareable using smartphone devices, the audience can quickly scan the QR code, save the information to his smartphone for future usage, or read it later at his own time and convenience.

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2. Editable QR code or Dynamic QR code

Editable qr code or dynamic qr codeA PDF QR code is a dynamic QR code that is editable. 

If you’ve generated a QR code and want to redirect your scanners to a different document, you can edit or change your existing QR code and upload another document, but your QR code remains the same.

You do not need to reproduce.

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3. Multiple QR code campaigns in one QR code

pdf qr code Since the PDF QR code is under the file menu, you can edit your QR code not only with just another PDF document. But- you can replace a PDF QR code with an MP4 file, PNG file, JPEG, or MP3! And no- there’s no need for you to generate another QR code as your QR code will remain the same.

The PDF QR code generated using QRTIGER caters to multiple QR code campaigns.

Moreover, you can also create another QR code under the file menu category. It could be an MP4 file, PNG, MP3, etc. 

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4. Improves your target audience's experience

Sharing detailed information about your product easily to your customer is possible with a PDF QR code.

It improves your print marketing material by providing your target audience with a scan-save-go experience. 

For instance, a restaurant can create a PDF QR code to present promotions or vouchers.

5. Track your marketing campaign using a PDF QR code generator

qr code tracking

You cannot only edit your PDF QR code to another document, but you can also track the scanning data of your QR code and who your targeted audiences are!

In marketing, tracking is essential to enable you to analyze your marketing campaign.  

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PDF QR codes allow more organization of your materials

Generating all of your documents through a PDF QR code generator means there’s no need for you to keep printed stockpiles of your documents.

This prevents unnecessary document clutter, thus allowing you to organize more of your materials smoothly. A single QR code can facilitate it all for you.  You can archive them online. 

Where to use your PDF QR code generator?

1. Online class

online class pdf qr code

For example, you can print a PDF QR Code and distribute it to your online class. You can instruct your students to study it for the next discussion.

This will help your students to be more equipped and prepared for the next lesson. 

Furthermore, you can update your PDF QR code in case there are some changes about the topic, or you want to add some more of it without creating a different QR code. 

A PDF QR code is a dynamic QR code that will allow you these changes.

You don’t need to consume paper materials anymore as a QR code is conveniently accessible to smartphones.

Your learners can quickly scan a single QR code, and the syllabus embedded in it will automatically be laid out on the smartphone screens that they need to study. 

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2. Print media industry

print media pdf qr code

One way the print media industry is catching up with this digital era is by adapting digital tools as well.

You can print a PDF QR code and place it in magazines, catalogs, leaflets, or flyers for more value-added information.

Using a QR code saves space on paper material while upgrading it by going digital. It leverages customer interaction with your printing material.

You can edit your PDF using the PDF QR code generator and turn it into an MP4 file, a JPEG, PNG, etc. for a more interactive reading experience with a twist. 

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3. Electronic Gadgets

product manual pdf qr code

You can also include reviews and ratings in your PDF QR code for a more enhanced customer experience. 

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4. Online or Personal Conferences and meetings 

online conference pdf qr code

Make meetings and conferences clutter-free by generating a PDF QR code for your presentations, powerpoints, discussions, or any relevant documentation that needs to be shared with colleagues.

Documents tend to clutter around the table, minimizing space and disorganization of the papers.

Generating a PDF QR code using a PDF QR code generator online is a straightforward way of sharing documents online while allowing for more spacious and clutter-free table meetings and conferences. 

Moreover, you can also share the PDF QR code during online meetings or conferences for instant access to reports. 

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5. Book Preview Marketing

book preview pdf qr code

A book’s preview is usually printed on the back to give readers a glimpse of its genre. And as we all know, we can only squeeze a little information from it.

Using a PDF QR code generator, you can generate the chapter of your book from 1-3 to allow book readers to get a more juicy detail about it.

They can scan the QR code attached to your book and save it. If they like it, they might return to the store and get a copy of your item.

You can have it advertised through prints or social media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Email, and many more.

Use all the marketing channels you have to reach a broader audience! You can apply it to e-books too! 

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Learn how to make a QR code for a PDF file with QRTIGER and upgrade your marketing

When all of the information cannot fit in one packaging, magazines, billboards, flyers, and any marketing materials.

A PDF QR code generator is the solution for you! It can be used in different ways, from personal to marketing.

A PDF QR code created in QRTIGER does not only enable you to create a PDF QR code, but you can also choose to change the PDF to an MP4 file or PDF to JPEG or PNG, allowing you to have a variety of data all in one QR code. 

Generate your PDF QR code now with QRTIGER! 

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How to create a QR code for a PDF file?

You can convert your PDF to a QR code using the best QR code generator online. Then, click the 'File' on the menu. Upload your PDF document and proceed to click the generate QR code button.

You can customize your QR code PDF and do a scan test afterward. Download and track your QR code using the PDF QR code generator.

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