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Add your image or logo

Adding your logo on your QR code will generate more scans, with Free-QR-Code-Generator you can upload your images, logo and customize your QR code following your needs. Branded QR codes get up to 40% more scans than any traditional black white QR code. Make QR codes part of your brand!

Track instant Data

Track instant data of all your QR code, this allows you to follow up your marketing campaigns and get results instantly. With dynamic QR codes you can adjust all your campaigns instantly and update your URL. You can track data as time of scan, number of scan, location and device type (iPhone/ android).

Dynamic QR codes

Dynamic QR codes are very powerful! You can change your URL behind your QR code at any time; this will help you to save your money and time on printing. Many brands already use dynamic QR codes for A/B marketing and to update their marketing campaigns when they need.

Lifetime valid QR codes

Your static QR code generated by our QR code generator will be valid forever; your QR never will expire and can be used for a lifetime for your brand. All dynamic QR codes come with a paid subscription as you can update your QR codes at any time and can track data with them! Important to understand that static QR codes can not be changed in dynamic QR codes or vice versa.

Get more scans! Improve your QR code marketing


A Call to Action: To have a “call to action” is important and will result in more people scanning your QR code. Many brands will forget to add a “call for action” resulting in few people scanning their QR codes, a “call to action” could be: scan me, scan and win, watch a video, scan and play, scan to see,… It will give direct results!


QR Code Sizing: The size of your QR code is an important consideration.A QR code gives a digital dimension to your artwork, to make sure people can see it on your art work, size matters, after all you want people to see and scan it. Make sure the QR code is at least 1.2 inch (3-4 cm) in dimension for people to be able to scan it!


QR Code Positioning: The positioning of your QR code! Your QR code is probably one of the most important things on your artwork, make sure that you integrate your QR code and give it a central place in your artwork for people to find it. Your scanning rates will improve!


QR Code Design Customization: A customized design of your QR code, it speaks for itself that having a good looking, colorful QR code will attract more people to scan it. Use colors and your logo to make your QR code part of your branding!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a QR code and why do I need one?

A QR code stands for ‘Quick Response Code’ and is a 2-dimensional barcode type invented by Denso Wave in 1994. You can get more information at Wikipedia. Today QR codes are used a lot to give a digital dimension to a product or flyer that leads to a URL.

What is the difference between a static and dynamic QR code?

With a dynamic QR code you can track data and you can edit your URL at any time to any other URL, this saves you time and money on printing. With a static QR the user will go direct to your URL, however data cannot be tracked and you are unable to edit your URL. For marketing, Dynamic QR codes are more useful as you can track the number of scans, the time when the user scanned, the location of the scan (city/country) and the device type of the user (iPhone/Android).

Can I switch from a static to a dynamic QR code?

No, once you select and make a static QR we cannot change it to a Dynamic QR code. Static and dynamic QR codes are very different.

How many times can my can my dynamic QR been scanned?

You can scan your dynamic QR codes as many times as you like until your paid subscription expires.

Can I delete a dynamic QR code?

Yes, if you use it for less than 8 scans you can still delete it on the track data page.

My QR code is not working, what can I do?

There are many reasons why a QR code is not working correctly. First check your entered data. Sometimes there are little typos in your URL that break your QR code. Make sure that there is enough contrast between the background and foreground of the QR code. The foreground should always be darker than the background.

Can I save QR codes as a template and can I delete a template?

Yes, you can make a template, this saves you time next time you make a QR code and you can easily delete your templates. Simply hover over the template and a cross will appear to delete the template.

How many free static QR codes can I make?

You can make as many static QR codes as you want, you QR code will never expire and will be valid for a lifetime.

What is the best format for the logo of the QR code?

You can add a logo to your QR code, however it is important that your logo is in a square format otherwise it might be stretched. It is also important to note whether you upload your logo in jpeg or PNG format. It is recommended to have a logo around 500KB to 1 MB.

Can I make a File QR Code for a PDF, JPEG, PNG, Word, Excel?

You can make a file QR code as a PDF QR Code, Word QR Code, Excel QR code or Video QR Code for your business, you can also make a Jpeg QR code or a PNG QR code or any other image file.

Can a QR code have multiple links?

Yes, you can store multiple links in a single QR code. The Multi URL QR code enables you to embed and redirect to multiple links based on the time of scanning, the language synced in the device used in scanning, the location of the scanner, and the total number of scans.





Which colors should I avoid using in QR codes?

Light colors, such as yellow and pastel colors are not good for scanning, so, it is best to use darker colors and a white background.

What is a good QR code scanner?

All iPhones with iOS 11 can recognize QR codes using the camera feature in photo mode. This is the same for all new Androids. Otherwise a good QR scanner is widely available from Kaspersky lab.

What is the difference between a PNG and SVG file?

A SVG file is a vectorial file that can be used in programs as Illustrator or InDesign. For Photoshop you need to import your SVG file. A SVG file is great for printing at the highest quality. A PNG is a format to use online but can also be printed although a PNG has less quality than a SVG.

How do I make a QR code in bulk?

You can use our CSV template to find the page to create a {link} or secondly input how many QR codes you want to generate using the same URL but having different unique QR codes, this allows you to have unique QR codes so you can measure who scans. A {link} is useful if you need to have unique QR codes or need to make QR codes of many different URLs.

What is a Vcard?

A vcard is a QR code that people place on their business cards, so when people scan they have in one click all your information saved to their phone. You can also share a Vcard to your email and edit the data of your Vcard using a dynamic QR code.

Can I make a QR code for a MP3?

Yes you can make an {link}, you can upload your QR code on Soundcloud and use this URL for making your QR code.

Can a Wi-Fi QR code be dynamic?

No wifi QR codes can only be static as the user when he scans has no internet connection. For dynamic QR codes the user needs to be connected to the internet.

How to get your invoice?

Click on the right upper corner of this page on 'my account' go to billing and enter all your information such as name, address, VAT number or other related information.

How do I create a QR code for my Facebook?

To create a QR code to redirect to your Facebook page, posts, and ‘Like Page’ button, you can use our Facebook QR code solution. This QR code solution is optimized to easily redirect your audience to various Facebook links. The Facebook QR code solution allows you to boost your business pages, events and posts, and elevate your personal account.