How to use QR codes for your event

Last updated:   May 06, 2022

Using QR codes for your event is a great way to inform and impress your audience or guests in a contactless approach.

Not only is the concept innovative but it also helps when it comes to providing outstanding information, even on a small piece of paper such as a ticket that will make your audience appreciate the gesture. 

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What is an Event QR Code? 

An Event QR Code, when scanned, using QR Code readers or smartphones, can take the end-users to a web page with all of the important and unlimited information that comes about a particular event. 

Using a QR Code that is attached to flyers or invitations, can redirect scanners to a short video about the event, image gallery, or description of any upcoming social activities or events such as: 

  • product launching 
  • social meet-ups
  • trade show
  • music festival
  • seminars
  • conferences
  • charity events
  • Tech-conventions and so much more!

Using an event QR Code comes extra handy. It will lead the people to multimedia content of your event that a mere piece of paper could not provide! Flyers or invitations without a QR Code could only store a limited amount of information.

It doesn’t give you so much space to put all of your relevant event details into one. To overcome this problem, attaching a QR Code is the key element above all!

A QR Code can be generated using a QR Code Generator, and when utilized correctly and effectively, launching an event using a QR Code can be the greatest asset that will lead your event to a success. 

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Why is it important to use the Dynamic QR Code for your event?

Dynamic QR Code is editable while the Static QR Code is not. Using a Dynamic QR Code will allow the scanners to direct them to various landing pages as your event timeline proceeds.

For example, you could create a QR Code now that will link the people to the registration form of your event, and by the deadline comes, you can edit the same QR Code that will direct your guests to download the app. 

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Why is it necessary for event organizers to integrate QR Codes for their event?

Just as QR Codes are useful in business by giving it a market edge and promoting competition, they are just as crucial in event advertising and marketing. 

An event QR Code is vital to use for every event organizer as it will help and support them from marketing, strategizing, and planning throughout the whole event itself. 

Using these can provide some real practical applications for an event professional. It is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get people through the door at your event and can be the most useful item in an event planner's toolkit. 

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How to Use QR Codes for Your Event

Measure the number of people that will go to your eventqr codes for your event

Even before the event has started, an Event QR Code can play a significant role in gauging the number of people that will be interested in going to your planned social activities. Is it going to be a success or a flop? 

But how? 

Do it via a survey

Advertise your event using a Dynamic QR Code that tracks the number of scans. Lead them to a link with a question like “Would you like to go to our event?” or “How do you find our upcoming activity?” it’s up to you!

Let them rate and answer whatever your question is! 

Furthermore, you could not only do an advertisement via the online QR Code, but a physical QR Code like a poster designed QR Code to enhance visual effects and branding. 

You can distribute and scatter them around strategically in places with a high amount of people that will straight grab your prospective invitees' attention. 

Moreover, you can also put it in areas where people aren't busy doing anything particularly in a  waiting shed or bus stops. Your printed Event QR Code will have a high chance of getting more scans! Add coolness factor to your printed event marketing material.

 It will boost pre-event engagement, and if they like the content of your event, people will likely pass and share the information with their friends, family, and other people.

It will increase the chances of your social event attracting more guests! 

Discern your advertisement efficiencyqr codes for your event track data

Now that you have measured the number of people who will likely attend your event, a Dynamic QR Code will now then serve as a barometer for you to know if you're doing enough advertisement or promotion for your event. 

It enables you to track the data of the scans, and tracking is incredibly and immensely important because it allows you to analyze your data more effectively. 

If you're not getting enough scans or feedback, it will result in you to formulate new ways and strategies that will improve and promote your event advertisement and reach your target audience. Maximize the chance of everyone turning up! 

Share the highlight of your eventqr codes for your event highlight

Give your guests the essential details about your event such as the event description, the venue location, event itinerary, the speakers of the event, and so much more.

Give your expected participants something to anticipate and what they should look forward to. 

The codes can be used to offer guests early exposure, let them know what to expect, and help them better prepare for the event.

Furthermore, by including a QR code in your printed materials, you give attendees an easy way to get up-to-date information.

They can quickly scan the QR code to access the latest news about your occasion.
From the page, guests can save the event directly to their calendars and contact you for more information.

Moreover, using a dynamic QR Code for your event is editable. Choose the Best QR Code Generator online to do it for you!

Pay for the event using a QR Codeqr codes for your event payment

People at this age simply don’t carry cash in their pockets or hands anymore. Event planners can have it easy and convenient for their guests to provide cashless event engagements by allowing them to pay using their phones.

The use of QR codes to make mobile payments in the event will have it faster for your attendees. It helps people to pay quicker than any debit or visa card can do, and that makes QR codes very practical and beneficial to use.

QR code for event registrationqr codes for your event registration

QR code for event registration can speed up the process of registration in occasions by letting your guests check-in quicker by utilizing their QR code. 

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QR Codes for private or exclusive eventsqr codes for your event exclusive

Hosting an exclusive event limited only to invited guests, the use of Event QR Codes is one way to secure access only to the invited people.

These will serve as a security key by ensuring that the requested people only check-in once like the way airline tickets are. QR Codes on private events can prevent the entering of uninvited guests. 

QR Codes for your wedding invitation

Attaching a QR Code to your wedding invitation is a factor that adds coolness to it. Moreover, you can link your guests to more detailed information about your upcoming wedding!

Ask feedback  during and after your eventqr codes for your event feedback

Increase survey response rates by having QR Codes placed inside your venue, that, when scanned, will redirect your guest into a survey form. Get to know about your guests’ whole event experience by asking their opinion. 

Ask for their feedback, and you use it to improve and enhance your service the next time, or if they love the event you hosted, you can even make it even better for them the second time around!

Involve your audience and let them participate in what they have to say. Your QR Code can be placed at the tables or right at the door of the entrance! 

Therefore, using an Event QR Code can: 

  • gauge the number of people who will be interested in going to your event
  • maximize the chance to turn invitations into attendees• can be an element of a successful event planning campaign
  • will boost pre-event engagement
  • allow the guests to make mobile payments to the event 
  • can serve as a security token for private-hold events
  • give essential details and highlight to your event
  • accumulation of feedback after the event
  • event check-in with QR code
  • and use Event QR Code to promote your upcoming events!

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Make your event interactive using a QR code generator for events

QR codes generated using a QR code generator for events can be deployed both before and after an event and can produce more engagement rates than ever! 

It isn't just about the QR Code itself, but the content behind your QR Code and choosing the Best QR Code Generator online to customize your Dynamic QR Code for your event, which offers excellent customization service for your code is the number one factor that determines the overall performance of your QR Code.  

Moreover, you can also create your Free QR Code Generator and see how QR codes can do wonders for you! 

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