QR Code Types: 16+ Primary QR Solutions and Their Functions

Last updated:   March 10, 2023

Little do people know, there are various QR code types you can create and each has its unique function. 

Apart from QR codes are customizable, QR code generators also have advanced and revolutionize to various types of solutions overtime. So what are these? Keep on reading on to learn more! 

Table of Contents

  1. What is a QR code, and how is it generated?
  2. Static QR code vs. Dynamic QR code
  3. QR code types: 16+ QR code solutions and their functions
  4. Are there any QR code practices I should know about?
  5. Generate any QR code types you want in QR TIGER
  6. Frequently Asked Questions    

What is a QR code, and how is it generated?

qr tiger qr code generator

QR codes are created or generated using QR code generator online. 

A QR code (abbreviated from quick response code) is a type of matrix barcode (or 2D barcode) that was first developed in 1994 for the Japanese automotive market.

A barcode is an optical mark visible by computer, providing details regarding the object to which it is connected.

In practice, QR codes also include data that leads to a page or program with a locator, tag, or tracker.

Thanks to its easy readability and greater storage capacity than traditional UPC barcodes, the Quick Response system became common beyond the car industry.

QR codes also became widely used in brand monitoring, object recognition, time tracking, record processing, and general communication applications.

Static QR code vs. Dynamic QR code

Before we delve into the different QR code solutions, let's first discuss the two primary types of QR codes!

QR codes have two types: Static QR code and Dynamic QR code.

Static QR codes

static QR code Static QR codes are free to create in any QR code generator available online. But mostly, they only function for a limited time.

For example, some QR code generators will require you to have a 14-day trial period, and after that, your static QR code will not function.

Thus, redirecting you to an error 404 page. But in QR TIGER, you can produce as many static QR codes as you like, and it will never expire, and your QR codes will have unlimited scans!

But the catch?

The data behind a static QR code will only lead you to a permanent address, and it is not changeable.

This applies to all QR code generator software. Once the QR code is static, the information is hard-coded and cannot be changed.

Dynamic QR codes

dynamic QR codeDynamic QR codes will require your active subscription in any QR code generators online. That's how it is.

But dynamic QR codes are an advanced type of QR code.

Meaning, you can update the data behind your QR code even when it has been printed or deployed!

Mostly, dynamic QR codes make active participation as a tool in business, marketing, and advertising, where the user has full control of his QR codes, where he can change or re-target his QR code to another landing page or information.

Furthermore, dynamic QR codes are not just editable, but they are also trackable. 

Using a dynamic QR code generator online to where the dynamic QR codes are stored, scanning activity such as when your QR code gets the most scans, the location of your scanners, and the map view.

QR code types: 15 QR code solutions and their functions

Now in QR TIGER, you can generate a wide array of QR Codes and even customize it. Here are the lists of the QR code solutions. 

URL QR code (static and dynamic)

url QR codeYou can use this type of QR code to convert a website or any landing page into a QR code. URL QR code is available in static or dynamic type. 

vCard QR code (dynamic)

vcard QR codeUnlike the traditional business card, you can use a vCard QR code on your business cards, resume, websites, or email signatures to give additional information about you to your clients or audience.

With a vCard QR code, you can store information such as your social media accounts like Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, email, address, and many more!

File (dynamic)

file QR codeFile QR code lets you generate a QR code for your MP4 file, PDF file, and PNG of Jpeg.

Since file QR code is dynamic in nature, you can create PDF QR code for your document and redirect it to another landing page, such as another PDF file or JPEG or MP4.

Social media QR code (dynamic)

social media QR codeSocial media QR code links all of your social media platforms in one. Using this QR code solution, you can generate your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Yelp, URL, and other profile accounts.

Once your social media QR code is scanned, it will display your social media profiles, making it convenient to follow you immediately.

H5 editor (dynamic)

h5 editor QR code

H5 editor QR code allows you to make a straight web page of your own.

With solution, you don't need to buy your own domain or hosting which can cost you a hefty price along with its website maintenance and hiring a developer. 

With H5 QR code, you can create a quick-set up for a landing page in a matter of seconds.

Google Form QR code

The Google Form QR code solution lets you encrypt your Google Form URL into the QR code.

You can use this tool when administering a digital check-in, event registration, online attendance, questionnaires and surveys, and feedback acquisition.

In just a single scan, this QR code solution will immediately lead your audience to your Google Form.

Wifi (static)

wifi QR code Using a WiFi QR code will allow you and your guests to connect to WiFi without typing the password instantly. This creates a better user experience for internet users. 

App stores QR code (dynamic)

app stores QR code

App stores QR code will redirect your scanners to Google Play Store, Amazon App Store, or Apple app store to install your app using a single QR code!

They will be automatically redirected based on their devices' operating systems.

Multi-URL QR code (dynamic)

The multi-URL QR code solution is one of the most QR code solutions to date.

It's a multifunctional tool that redirects scanners to different landing pages depending on the language synced on their device, the time of scanning, the total number of QR code scans, and the geographical location of the scanner.

You can use this QR code solution if you want to run a time-limited promo marketing, location-based campaigns, number-limited promo ad, or translated webpages for localized content.

multi-url QR code

MP3 QR code (dynamic)

mp3 QR codeYou can convert your podcast, MP3, soundtrack using an MP3 QR code. This is ideal for a music event concert, advertising, or marketing!

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest (static and dynamic)

You can also generate an individual QR code for your social media accounts like Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

But why should you generate an individual QR codes for these when you can create a social media QR code that will house all your online resources. 

Email (dynamic)

email QR code

It is said that personalized or customized emails can drive a lot of traffic to your website or landing page – increasing your ROI and conversion rate too much.  

Email QR code is one way to leverage your email marketing address with the use of QR codes! This attracts readers' attention to your email, giving it a sense of digitalization.

Text (static)

text QR codeThis type of QR Code solution allows you to display a simple text consisting of words, numbers, and special characters. A combination of all them in one.

It is one of the most basic QR Code types and requires no internet connection to be scanned and display the text or information.

Are there any QR code practices I should know about before generating your 2d code?

In order to make your QR code gain traction and scans, there are certain guidelines a user should follow in order to make a successful QR code campaign. Here are the lists:

Put a frame and call-to-action in your QR code

call to action QR code

If your QR code redirects to a video page, put a CTA that says "Scan to watch the video!" or "Scan Me!" Communicate with your target audience clearly by adding a call to action. 

Customize your QR code

A custom-made QR code gains more traction and scans than a plain-looking QR code. Make your QR code stand out by personalizing it! Monochromatic QR code colors don't gain so much attention.

Add colors to your QR code, set unique edges, add customize frame and logo to make it stunning!

Note: Don't over-customize your QR code to the point of compromising its scanning ability.

Create brand awareness by adding your brand logo 

QR code with logo

Branded QR codes leave an impression and result in 80% more scans than monochromatic QR code colors. Make your QR codes a part of your overall brand. 

Be mindful with the right size of your QR code

QR code size

Your QR code will vary in size. They will vary when attached or printed in business cards, flyers, brochures, magazines, and billboards.

Before printing your QR code, always do a scan test to make sure it scans and leads you to the right address.

Generate any QR code types you want in QR TIGER

QR TIGER is not only an advanced QR code generator but using this software you can have full control over your QR code campaigns by retargeting and editing it even in real-time.

It has a great conversion tracking capacity of your QR code scans. 

If you are still in doubt about QR codes and want to try it out.

You can generate your QR code in a static model that comes for free and with unlimited scans in QR TIGER!

Frequently asked questions

How many types of QR codes are there?

QR code has many types, and they mainly encode information in four standardized modes (numeric, alphanumeric, byte/binary, and kanji)

But to categorize the types of QR code solution, these are URL QR code, Social media, vCard, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Multi-URL, app stores, WIFI, H5 editor, and many more.

SVG QR code or PNG QR code: Which file format to choose when you download your QR code?

SVG or Scalable Vector Graphics allows you to scale up your QR code in any size without affecting its image quality.

For example, if you are planning to print your QR code in a billboard type, SVG format is the best option.

PNG Portable Network Graphics is a format to use online but can also be printed although a PNG has less quality than an SVG. It is a raster graphics file format that supports lossless data compression.

brands using qr codes