Difference Between Static and Dynamic QR Code

Last updated:   February 23, 2023

Learning the basic difference between static and dynamic QR code is important especially if you are planning to use the dynamic QR codes in your marketing campaign.  

Which one should you use? Static or Dynamic QR code? Let's find out the difference between these two. 

What is a QR Code? 

A QR code is an advanced version of a barcode that we usually see attached to packaging when we go to grocery stores or supermarkets. 

A QR Code can be generated using a QR code generator online and can be scanned in both vertical and horizontal dimensions. 

It can store so much more information that comes in various forms, unlike barcodes, that only provides the numeric value of a product.  

Barcode vs QR codeBarcodes functions in horizontal dimension only and requires a specific machine to be read, QR codes are accessible to smartphones using only its camera feature or QR Reader Apps just by scanning it, which makes it convenient for everyone. 

The content behind a QR code can be decoded once scanned and can lead the scanners either to a page or website that contains a lot and various information about a subject. 

Furthermore, QR Codes have a built-in correction error making them less susceptible to damage and ensures a high scannability rate even for a very long time. 

Dynamic vs. Static QR code  (why dynamic QR codes are better)

Static vs dynamic QR code

Static QR Code

The difference between dynamic and static QR code is that static QR codes have a very dense pattern and less scannable. 

The information stored in this type of code is fixed, and it does not allow changing of the destination address of the data or URL once generated.

Moreover, it does not allow you to track the data of the scans and only leads you to one URL.

The code that is being embedded is hard-coded and cannot be altered. However, QRTIGER, the best QR code generator online, offers unlimited scans of the QR code and it will never expire. 

Dynamic QR code

In terms of URL length, with Static QR code vs Dynamic, the latter uses short URLs and works better to scan as the pattern is less dense. 

Dynamic QR code allows you to track data and you can edit your URL or content at any time to any other URL, this saves you time and money on printing.

With a static QR, the user will go directly to your URL, however, data cannot be tracked and you are unable to edit your URL.

For marketing, Dynamic QR codes are more useful as you can set-up your QR code tracking system and track the number of scans, the time when the user scanned, the location of the scan (city/country), and the device type of the user (iPhone/Android).

It is important to remember that Static QR Codes are only good for personal use, one-time use is not ideal for businessand has a limitation to the content of the QR Codes

Dynamic QR Code- allows you to track the number of scans, the location of the scanners, time, and you can edit your URL at any time to any other URL in real-time. 

Dynamic QR Codes enables you to uncover valuable data such as the number of total scans, unique visitors, average scans per daylocation of scans, and the device type (iPhone/Android)

How Useful are dynamic QR codes

Dynamic QR code

For business and marketing, Dynamic QR codes are more useful as you can have access and track the number of scans, the time when the user scanned, the location of the scan (city/country), and the device type of the user (iPhone/Android). 

Enjoy the best QR code generator 2022 if you sign up for a trial with QRTIGER. You can track the data of your customers, the prospective consumers, and what particular location you sell the most. 

If you are into the business sector and you have not used the QR Code, you already lose half of your customers in the market.

The relevance of QR Codes in your business dealings and day to day transactions can help you heighten and escalate the demands of the product you offered, goods, or services and even accumulate new customers. 

Dynamic QR codes are great to update all your QR codes at once.

For example, today, you redirect your QR code to one web page, and whenever you want, you can update all your QR codes in the back office to any new web page.

This way, it saves you time and money as you never need to reprint flyers or update any consumer product out there. Dynamic QR codes are relevant for any business.

You can do an advertisement via print or online!

How to Make a Dynamic QR Code that Engages?

Customized QR codeA Dynamic QR Code is just a tool in marketing. The next question and challenge for that would be is, 

“How are you going to make your Dynamic QR Code engaging that will convert the attention of the scanners once they scan it?”  

Having their phones out is the first step. Making them stay and to keep them browsing is the challenge. 

 But don’t worry! It doesn’t require some special magic to create your QR Code. 

Using QRTIGER, you can use excellent the customization service for your code when it comes to colors, aim, and brand identity for your business.

QRTIGER also offers a bulk QR code generator that let's you create multiple QR codes in one time!

Moreover, it has a data tracking feature, which is a key for a marketing campaign success! 

How to make a Dynamic QR Code in QRTIGER?

Step 1. Go to QRTIGER QR code generator online

Facebook QR code generatorThere are many QR code solutions you can choose from in QRTIGER. You can use it to convert your social media platforms into a QR such as  Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or even a QR code that will display your entire social media channel in one using a social media QR code. 

Step 2. Select from the menu what feature you want to create

There are different QR code solutions you can create based on your need. Choose the QR code solution you need. 

Step 3. Enter your URL and other necessary data

Enter the URL and the required data necessary to generate your QR code. The data needed will depend according to your QR code solution. 

Step 4. Switch the button from “static to dynamic” 

Step 5. Customize your QR code and click “Generate QR Code”

Customs QR codeStep 6. Hit the download button 

After you are done customizing your QR code. Hit the download button! 

Step 7. After you can go to the Track data button to see your data or change your URL

Dynamic QR code enables you to track the data of the scans and other important statistics. Click the track data button to see the analytics. Track data

Static vs dynamic QR code: Why dynamic QR code is better to use? 

QR Code is highly advisable using in business as it will promote a direct engagement and interaction between your customers and the services that you offer.

There are clearly differences between Static vs Dynamic QR code.

You can try experimenting with creating your static QR codes which are for free. 

However, for advanced uses, dynamic QR codes are the best option! 

You can quickly and efficiently lead people to resources online using only their phones.

They don’t need to go into their computers to search and Google about the product, because, with the use of QR Codes, the information will go straight away to the smartphone equipped users. 

Remember: Also, it is imperative to add a call-to-action term like Scan Now! Contact Us, Scan to Win! To Or Watch Video! 

It will prompt users to scan the code and guarantees 80% more scans. 

You can also avail for the free trial version of the dynamic QR code by registering to QRTIGER QR code generator. 

Frequently asked questions

What is a dynamic QR code?

Dynamic QR code is the type of QR code that allows you to edit your data to another data within the same QR code.

Using this, you don't need to generate another QR.

For example, you redirect your URL to a YouTube video, you can use the same QR to redirect that to another URL such as your website.

Moreover, dynamic QR codes can track your QR code data. 

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