How to create a QR code for a word document in 5 steps

Last updated:   July 26, 2022

QR codes for word document displays a word file to the user’s smartphone screen when the QR code is scanned. 

As businesses and even personal works revolve around word documents, how can QR codes for word document fasten work processes? 

In the U.S., there are 600, 000 businesses are using word documents in doing their corporate works to compile reports on finance reports and share information of any kind.

Because of that, various businesses are now implementing the use of QR codes in their business operations. To learn how to make a QR code for a word document, let us first know what a QR code for a word document is all about. 

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How to generate a QR code for a word document?

  • Go to
  • Select the File category and upload the file directly from your computer or choose the URL category (if the file is in Google Drive, Dropbox or anything similar and  just copy the link) and upload your document. You can also enable the password-protection feature of your QR if your file is confidential. 
  • Generate and customize your QR code's appearance.
  • Test and download your word document QR code.
  • Deploy in print and digital platforms.

How to generate bulk URL QR codes for word documents?

If you have many word documents/links stored online such as Google Drive or Dropbox and you need to generate them in bulk, you can use the bulk URL QR code solution of QRTIGER. Here are the simple steps below: 

1. Download the template for the bulk URL QR code 

2. Edit it and copy the links of the your word documents in the template you downloaded

3. Once done, saved as a CSV file 

4. Upload it in the bulk QR code solution and switch to dynamic QR 

5. Generate your QR code 

6. Your bulk QR codes for word documents will be downloaded in your computer as well as in the QR code generator dashboard. 

What is a QR code for a word document?

A QR code for word document presents a words file once the QR is scanned using a smartphone device.

This type of QR solution is a dynamic QR form that embeds documents into QR codes. This type of solution is part of the File QR code category.

qr code for word document

Through this, users are able to explore more file options in this category. This kind of QR code solution requires a paid subscription since it requires you to upload a file in the QR code generator.

Moreover, since a QR code for a word document is a dynamic QR code, you can change the content behind your word document QR code and change it to another file even when printed. And you can also track the data of your QR scans even in real-time. 

Since sending files to clients can be troublesome for companies, the use of QR codes for word document can accelerate the duration of sending as this can easily be shared through scanning it through smartphone devices. 

Through this, the problem in individually sending documents to clients minimizes and fastens file loading without the need of downloading the file.

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How to create QR code for a word document? A step-by-step guide! 

Thanks to the invention of word document software, people are able to digitally create documents without the need of using mechanical typewriters.

Because of that, they are able to save more paper as this software allows them to edit their documents without using new ones.

But as the world is advancing for competitive means, relying on simple word document software may not be enough.

To remedy this, the use of QR code technology in personal and business means is able to step up the file-sharing platform. 

To learn how to embed these files into QR codes, here are 5 simples steps that you can follow. 

1. Go to

qr code generator

The first step in creating QR codes is using a trusted and reliable QR code generator like QRTIGER.

With its minimalistic and intuitive interface, you can easily get through each QR solution without any difficulties.

To learn more about how to find the best QR code generator that you can use, you can refer to the related article below. 

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2. Select the file or URL category and upload your document

file qr code

Select the file category in the menu and upload your word document file. By selecting the file category of the QR code generator, you can see different QR code solutions that you can use in the future.

(Or you can also select the URL category if your word file is in Google Drive or anything similar, just simply copy the link and paste it in the URL section and generate your QR and follow the similar steps.) 

The file QR code solutions can be a PDFimageaudio, and video MP4, MP3, GIF and many more.

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3. Generate and customize your QR code

customize your qr codeOnce you have uploaded it, you can proceed in generating and customizing your QR code.

In customizing your QR code, you can select the set of patterns, eye shapes, and colors; and add a logo and call to action tag to it.

In this way, you can brand your QR code and make your receivers aware of who sends these QR codes.

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4. Test and download your word document QR code.

To ensure the QR code’s scannability, a series of test scans are needed to further know any scanning errors before you proceed in downloading them.

phone scanning qr code

For better testing experience, you can different devices with different operating systems to ensure what system is experiencing any scan delays.

In this way, you can immediately fix any scanning problems.

Once you are satisfied with the results, proceed in downloading your QR code in print quality to preserve its quality.

Vector file formats such as SVG are the best print quality formats that you can use.

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5. Deploy in print and digital platforms.

qr code on digital and printed material

Word QR code is scan-able in print and even from a computer screen which makes them flexible to use.

Now that you have downloaded your QR code, you can proceed in deploying them on print and digital platforms.

You can place your printed QR codes in your folders, resumes, information stands, products, or place them as a secret code words on scan reports.

In this way, your clients will easily access the QR code without the need of downloading the file in it.

In digital platforms, word documents are usually sent via emails by attaching them to your cloud storage.

But now that you have QR codes for these documents, you can send these QR codes to your clients without the need of prompting them to download files that may eat up their device’s storage.

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Converting your Google word document into a QR code.

You can follow these 6 simple steps in converting your Google document into a QR code using the URL QR code.

  1. Open your Google drive and select the Google document you want to use.
  2. Copy the Google document’s link.
  3. Open
  4. Select the URL category and paste the Google document’s link.
  5. Generate and customize your QR code.
  6. Download your QR code for a word document.

Why dynamic QR codes are best for embedding word documents?

It’s no secret that codes and words on scan reports bring more benefits and uses. In this way, marketers, and businesses are able to create faster and progressive business integration with dynamic QR codes.

Because of that, dynamic QR codes can embed their ideas and put them into context.

To further know the reasons why dynamic QR codes are best for embedding word documents, here are 5 reasons why.

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1. Creates better visuals

scanning qr code using an ipad

As you want your document QR code to be easily recognized, using a QR code with pleasing visuals is necessary. But to better understand what type of QR code gives out more attractive visuals. 

It is evident that dynamic QR codes have a pleasing and minimalistic look.

Unlike the static QR code’s visuals, where its data is stored in its graphics, the dynamic QR code’s visuals are not compromised and store data using an online external data storage.

Thus, its visuals more pleasing to view.

2. Stores more data

With the restrictions users face with static QR codes, there’s no denying that dynamic QR codes store more data than static QR codes.

Because of that, QR code experts can introduce new QR code solutions that can allow them to upload files and other solutions that require more data use.

Since word document is a file QR code solution and requires file upload to generate QR code, the use of dynamic QR codes is highly recommended by QR code experts.

3. Avoids any scanning errors

Dynamic QR codes reduce the risk of getting scanning errors. As it stores data in a more secure storing system, the chances of getting a broken link with scanning a dynamic QR code is lesser.

Because of this, businesses and marketers with long term marketing usage use dynamic QR codes as a means of intensifying their long term plans with QR codes.

4. Trackable

track your qr code scans

If you want to know the effectiveness of using QR codes as your means of sharing word documents with your colleagues or students, dynamic QR codes can always be your tracking companion.

With its feature to track important data such as the number of scans, a device used, date of the scans made, and location, you can compare its effectiveness with other means of sharing files.

In this way, you can keep track of how many people have received your files and look through it by scanning the QR code.

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5. Ability to edit and replace your QR code’s content

dynamic qr code editable

Unlike static QR codes, the content in dynamic QR codes is can be changed without the need of generating new ones.

This way, you can save resources from generating and printing. As well as, use the same QR code for a long time.

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6. Enable the password-protected feature 

scan qr code with password

A word document in a dynamic QR has a password-protected feature for your documents. Therefore, you can put a password in your QR code for confidential documents. 

6. It saves you money in the long-term

You can edit your word document file to another file even though it has been printed. It saves you money from having to print your QR code all over again. That’s the power of dynamic QR codes!

7. Share word documents using a Word document QR code

Word document QR code is scan-able, shareable, and downloadable using smartphone devices, making them convenient to use when you share your word files! 

Use cases of QR codes for word documents

Just like the implementation of the use of word document software for better document entry, QR codes for word documents have promising uses that people can use to unburden themselves from uploading and downloading files first before viewing it.

To learn more about how QR code experts use them in their personal and business engagements, here are five useful ways how.

1. Resumes

sca qr code on a resume

One of the reasons why word document software becomes a hit in the business industry is because of its ability to encode different business documents like business letters, reports, and even resumes.

Because of that, the business industry is able to keep records of their business transactions and operations.

As we are now in a globally competitive environment, the use of regular resumes in presenting yourself to your prospective employer may not be enough for you to land a job. 

To increase the chance of landing a job, jobseekers attach QR codes for word documents on their resumes to give more information about them and their other past work experiences that is not covered in their resumes.

2. Learning materials such as worksheet documents

scanning qr code on a worksheet

Word documents are also widely used in education especially in making worksheets and other learning materials.

As the world is now entering a new normal mode of education, sending links to learning materials can create confusion for students.

As a solution to this problem, many educators are using QR codes for word documents to simplify the process of sending word documents.

Through this, they are able to accelerate the duration of uploading and downloading the files without the need of sending file links to their students.

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3. Product information

qr code on a parcel

Manufacturing companies use word documents for their products as a vessel for additional product information.

Because of these, some manufacturing companies like Nestle are using QR codes on their products which contains nutritional guides, social and production information.

As this information is encoded through the use of word document software, QR codes for word documents are now embedded in products. 

In this way, they can provide more information about the product.

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4. Recipes and newsletters

scan qr code for a recipe

Word documents are used in listing recipes and other DIY newsletters. As it is easy to access and can be edited with different formats, many cookbooks and newsletters use the word document software in encoding their content.

For instance, you can integrate the QR code document of a restaurant recipe. The restaurant recipe then can be integrated with a digital menu app that presents a restaurant's online menu to customers.

Because of this, cooking sites are always attaching word document files to their recipes. But as people are afraid to click links from these sites, they tend to miss out on good opportunities. 

To solve this problem, QR codes for word documents are embedded together with the photo of the meal to reduce the anxiety people are experiencing with link clicking. 

5. Product Instruction Guide

qr code on product guide

Product instruction guides before are included with the product’s packaging.

But as this bulky paperwork is taking up more space than the actual product itself, manufacturers are incorporating new ways of inserting product instruction guides in their packaging’s through adding file directory links.

However, not all consumers have the patience to individually typing the links.

As a result, manufacturers are integrating the use of QR codes in their product packaging.

Using this, consumers are able to access these instruction guides by scanning the designated QR code without the need of typing its directory links.  

Make a QR code for word documents and power up the future of file sharing

In a world where digital things are taking over the physical tasks, word documents are one of the most used digital software today.

Because of that, QR code experts are introducing a new QR code solution that can help people in extending the sharing period of QR codes for word documents. 

By generating QR codes for word documents with a dynamic QR code generator, no issues in sharing and accessing the content will occur. 

Using the QR code technology, you can start exploring more possibilities with this QR code solution and power up the future document sharing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to create a QR code for a document?

To create a QR code for any document be it a word file, excel file, videos or MP3, you can use QRTIGER's file QR code solution.

Upload the type of file you want to convert into a QR code and make sure it generate it in dynamic QR code so you can update/change the content of your QR code. 

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