How to Use a vCard QR Code Generator

Last updated:   March 27, 2023

How can a vCard QR code generator help in leveraging your business card’s visuals and improve your branding? Is there a hard and fast rule in creating a business card with QR code? What are the benefits of having a digital calling card?

First, you need to know that all over the world, businesses print 10 billion business cards annually. For a week, eight billion cards are being thrown by customers.

To prevent your cards from landing in the trash bin, you need to inject an unconventional tool.

With the use of a vCard QR code generator, the worries of not getting attention from the target audience will be obsolete. 

Before you start using the best vCard QR code generator, here are some useful basic concepts to bear in your mind.

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How to use a vCard QR code Generator and make a digital business card?

  • Go to QR TIGER QR code generator online 
  • Click the vCard Category on the category.
  • Enter the necessary information for your business card.
  • Generate and customize the appearance of your vCard QR code.
  • Test your QR code
  • Download and add the QR code in your business card template.

What is a vCard QR code?

vCard QR code

A vCard QR code is a dynamic QR code solution that integrates electronic business card information. 

Basic information such as contact numbers, address, company/organization affiliation, social media, website, email, and profile picture and so much more can be embedded in the QR code. 

When the vCard is scanned using a smartphone device, your recipient can instantly download your contact details right away to their smartphone device in which, traditional and printed business cards cannot do. 

This type of QR code solution is used to minimize the text found in a small piece of paper or cardboard. vCard QR codes are convenient to use and have a futuristic look.

If you also need to make vCard QR codes in bulk, you can also generate vCard QR codes in bulk so you don't have to generate them individually.

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Which software is best for creating a business card with QR code?

There are different available QR code generators for vCard online. But finding the best vCard QR code generator can be a hassle for everyone.

To help you find the best deal, here are the following features that QR code generators must possess:

Credibility to deliver quality service

People are searching for trusted and reliant QR code generators that they can partner with.

To find the perfect partner for your business card needs, knowing its credibility is a safe method to follow.

By searching its SSL certificate or authenticate it using a domain authenticator.

This way, you can assure the quality of the service it delivers. Also, it advocates the safety of your information.

Dynamic QR code generator with robust conversion tracking capacity

Dynamic QR code

As vCard QR codes are dynamic QR codes, having a QR code generator online that has a robust conversion tracking capacity is a must.

Since most of the business cards are for business purposes, having a conversion tracking in your vCard QR codes is important. 

As it does not only give real-time data feeds but it also enables a user to track possible locations to expand its business with.

Real-time data feeds include the number of scans, timeline of the scans made, location, and device used in scanning.

Multiple customization options

Customized QR code

To unleash your creativity with vCard QR codes, the convenience of having multiple customization options comes in handy.

When choosing the best vCard QR code generator, here are the following options that it must possess:

  • Choose different design patterns
  • Customize eyes at the corners
  • Add a logo or image of your brand/product
  • Customize colors for your brand

In this way, you can channel your personality through customizing your QR code.

Responsive customer support

It is important to have responsive customer support when generating a vCard QR code to ensure the correct generation. We are innate with hands-on help from more knowledgeable others.

With the help of the QR code generator’s responsive customer support, a user can distinguish the do’s and don’t in generating vCard QR codes.

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Supports user suggestions through updates

To address users’ suggestions on how to improve the QR code generators software, frequent updates are needed. In this way, the inconvenience that a user may experience can be eradicated by frequently updating the software.

Also, it gives the user a sense of security to itself as software with frequent updates has also updated its security parameter. Thus, giving a fast, working, safe, and secure user experience to users.

Benefits of vCard QR codes

As the function of vCard uplifts the burden in compromising text sizes in squeezing pertinent information in a small piece of paper.

The integration of QR technology in vCard doubles the convenience to businesses and recipients as well. Here are some of the benefits that vCard QR codes uphold.

Encourage brand integration

QR code with logo

QR code generation includes adding a logo at the center of the QR code. In this way, this enables a business/person to add their business logo/brand as well as their notable personalities in the QR code.

Thus, it encourages brand integration for people to easily recognize it.

Extends business card information

QR code size

The standard business card size is 3.5 x 2 inches. By referencing its size, the space needed to inject information in your business card will not suffice.

Thus, it compromises the text’s font size if you want to do so.

To address the space shortage, the integration of vCard QR codes in business cards/portfolio will provide a dynamic dimension to it.

By electronically inject other important information, your business card/portfolio will have a clean and attractive look.

Thus, making more room for design templates.

As vCard QR codes extend business card information, the problem of compromising the text’s font size disappears. 

Aesthetically attractive to people

Business card makers race to deliver aesthetically attractive business cards to potential customers.

The same thing goes with QR codes, if the design of it is bland and lacks variation, people will forsake your efforts.

With the integration of QR codes in vCard, the chance of delivering aesthetically attractive business cards/portfolios to people is high.

As 89% of the daily business card generation is thrown out in a week, the use of vCard QR codes saves your business card from ending up in the trash bins.

Attract the employer’s attention

vCard QR code on resume

Job seekers are finding new means in making their resumes in attracting their prospective employer’s attention.

As QR codes are making a huge comeback in the 21st century, the use of vCard QR codes becomes the best option to add to their resumes.

In this way, they can create an element of surprise to the employer.

Thus, it attracts an employer’s attention and increases the chance of getting hired.

Enables flexible data editing and tracking

Editable dynamic QR code

vCard QR codes are dynamic QR codes. By referring to this statement, the information found in vCard QR codes are can be edited and allows data tracking.

For a person who loves to do research on how effective the use of business cards is, vCard QR codes are the perfect tool for your business card.

In this way, it allows you to update your information without the need of printing new business cards and track data anytime and anywhere.

Pioneer futuristic business card QR code integration

As we are heading towards futuristic innovations, vCard QR codes can help pioneer futuristic business card integration.

By adding vCard QR codes in business cards, the gap between static and digital dimensions is filled.

To better utilize its futuristic integration here are 6 basic steps in using the vCard QR code generator.

How to use a vCard QR code generator

1. Go to QR TIGER QR code generator 

vCard QR code generator

There is no better place to start your vCard QR code journey with reputable QR code generators like QR TIGER. Since vCard QR codes are dynamic QR codes, subscribing to a subscription plan is necessary.

With a price range difference of $9-$21 dollars per month, the deals it offers are cheaper than the others.

2. Select the vCard Category on the menu.

After you have open the vCard QR code generator, select the vCard category. In the vCard category, you can find almost all the vital information needed in a business card. 

3. Enter the necessary information for your business card.

Create business card QR code

Next is to enter the necessary information on your business card. The fields required to be filled in are as follows:

  • Your name
  • Organization/Company you work for.
  • Designation/title
  • Phone number/s( personal, work and private)
  • Email, Fax, and Website
  • Address ( Street, City, Zipcode, State, Country)
  • Profile Picture
  • Personal description
  • Social Media handles ( Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, and Youtube)

4. Generate and customize your vCard QR code.

Customize vCard QR code

Once you are done inputting the required fields, you can then generate and stylize your vCard QR code. To customize or personalize your QR code, there are recommended rules to follow such as choosing suitable patterns, eyes, colors for your QR code. 

In this way, you can channel your personality in your QR codes through customizing it.

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5. Test your QR code

Scan test QR code

After every customization made on a QR code, testing its functionality is next. Testing the QR code’s functionality is crucial after generating.

As every technological innovation has its own turning point, the QR codes turning point is tested through multiple scanning methods.

These scanning methods include a variety of scanning distance, different device usage in scanning, and random orientation scans. Once you are satisfied with the conducted test, you can then proceed to step 6.

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6. Download and add the QR code in your business card template.

Once all aforementioned steps are accomplished, this final step is the ultimate step. Before you proceed in downloading your QR code, you are prompt to download your QR code in SVG or PNG format.

If you are planning to keep the QR code’s quality when adding it to your template, the SVG format is for you. SVG is a vector file format that preserves the QR code’s print quality.

After you have downloaded the QR code, you can then add it to your business card template.

For better vCard QR code placement, place it in an area where people can easily notice it or blend it with your business card template.

In this way, you are able to present a professional business card to your customers or clients.

Best Tips on how to make the most of your vCard QR code?

To make the most out of your vCard QR code, here are 5 best tips that you must follow:

Keep your QR code visually appealing

Since people are keener on the overall looks of a business card, having a visually appealing QR code is a great help.

To maintain your QR code’s visuals, always bear in mind the universal rule in blending colors to QR codes.

The rule states “the QR code’s foreground color should always be darker than the background color”. In this way, there will be no compromising of the QR code’s scannability.

Add your logo and Call to Action

QR code with CTA

To have the sense of having a professional-looking QR code, it is essential to add your logo and Call to action tags. If you add your logo to your vCard QR code, people will quickly remember you.

Also, by adding a compelling Call to action tag to your QR code, the possibility of the QR code to get scanned is high.

Moreover, it piques people’s curiosity about how the QR code works.

Consider the right sizing

When printing vCard QR codes, it is crucial to consider its size. By following the universal formula in getting the perfect scan-able size for your QR code.

The formula for right QR code sizing is the distance of the scanner from the QR code divided by ten.

The minimum QR code size is 3 cm x 3 cm or 1.18 in x 1.18 in.

Align your QR code with the best placement location

To get the most of the scans, considering the best placement for your QR code in your business card is important.

Some of the best location to place your QR code is in the middle for portrait orientation, and right side for landscape orientation.

In this way, people will not have a hard time holding the business card in their hands when scanning.

Maintain a clutter-free QR code

Since vCard QR codes are dynamic QR codes, the chances of having a cluttered QR code is low.

Thanks to its wonderful configurations, the data you store is in a short dynamic URL where you can access pertinent data such as the number of scans, location, the device used, and the date of scans made.

In this way, the overall presentation of your QR code is safe and will be used by people.

Best use cases for vCard QR codes

Business Cards

Since vCard QR codes are created to address business card problems, its remarkable uses to business cards are exceptional.

By eliminating wordy design in your business card, people with difficulty in reading the crowded text will patronize your business card and will use it in the future.

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Thank you cards

People love to shop whether online or offline. The reason for their shopping in one spot is the quality of the products and services offered.

To establish a deeper connection with your customers, adding a vCard QR code in your thank you cards is a great gesture or move.

In this way, people will appreciate that you care for your customers and you are one call away for their shopping needs.

Also, it is a good promotion for your business as customers are your proof of quality service as they can recommend you to their peers.

Luggage tags

QR code on luggage tags

To avoid losing your luggage when you’re traveling, adding a vCard luggage tag is necessary.

In this way, you can assure that your belongings are safe and the chances of retrieving it are high.

You can do this by printing the portrait orientation of your vCard business card.

Through this, people can easily see your QR code and can help you report it to the lost and found counter if it gets lost.

The staff will then immediately scan your QR code and directly contact you as soon as possible.

Health and Well-being Consultations

Business card QR code

When it comes to your health and well being, finding a trustworthy and reliant health expert can be hard.

As you scroll to different verified health pages, the time spent on scrolling is wasted and the time of your life decreases.

To solve this problem, the invention of business cards come in handy. But as we are gazing to the future where digital means is the new norm of connectivity, vCards are integrated.

By using the electronic version of static business cards, QR technology then integrate it and form a new QR solution, vCard QR codes.

With the use of vCard QR codes in helping health experts reach individuals with health and well-being needs, the period finding a health expert decreases.

Thus, it saves you more time for health and well-being consultations and prevents any future health complications.

House repair and maintenance

QR code in business card

Some of the homeowners are struggling to find skilled people in doing house repair and maintenance. As they continue to apply temporary solutions to everything, the house build quality deteriorates.

To stop the house deterioration, home repair groups and company are giving out their business cards in grocery stores.

However, as their business card’s layout seems to be bland and normal, people tend to forget them.

To avoid this issue, home repair groups should integrate the use of vCard QR codes in their business cards.

In this way, even if people may accidentally throw your business cards away, once they have scanned your QR code and save the information/contact details, they can assure that people can contact them anytime soon.

Thus, it assures house repair companies that people can save their contact information by scanning the QR code even if they lost the physical business card.

vCard QR code generator – Fuels the future of business cards

Since vCards are invented in 1996, the integration of QR codes into vCard QR code generators started.

With its ability to connect the print platform to digital platforms, the future of business cards is determined.

By using the best vCard QR code generator in creating your vCard QR code journey, your future is within reach! 

By integrating the different vCard QR code in your QR code marketing journey, you will have the best vCard QR code experience.

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