How to Use QR Codes in the Cosmetic Industry and Beauty Packaging

Last updated:   March 27, 2023

To raise brand awareness, add elegance, and promote cosmetic products in the beauty marketplace, QR codes in the cosmetic and beauty packaging are becoming a whole part of the design. 

In fact, there have been many considerable successes in the beauty industry involving QR codes as a digital tool. 

The QR code technology has contributed to the beauty marketplace when it comes to allowing their customers to make informed decisions and make the engagement even better before purchasing the product. 

Furthermore, QR codes in cosmetic brands help many companies to promote transparency to their customers and gain their and loyalty to the brand.

So how QR codes are used in the beauty sectors? What are its diverse use-cases? Let's find out!

What is a QR code? QR code on laptop

Before we dive into the use-cases of QR code-cosmetic industry integration, let's first figure out what a QR code is.

By definition, QR codes are 2-dimensional barcodes that encode any information using the best QR code generator online, then convert that type of data into a QR or a Quick response code to be scanned by the end-user.

Unlike the traditional barcodes that only present numerical information about a specific product when scanned using a particular device, QR codes can present multimedia content in the form of images, videos, documents, infographics, Mp3, URL, social media, and many more.

This information is accessible using smartphone devices, which makes it convenient for end-users. 

The QR code generator has many QR code solutions specified for a specific purpose. 

For example, if you want to lead your scanners to a PDF file, you can generate a PDF QR code solution found under the file QR code category that lets you convert any documents to a QR code.

On the other hand, suppose you want to redirect your scanners to a website, you can also generate a URL QR code. Or, if you want to make your own landing page for your products, you can also generate a webpage QR code. 

Using a web page QR code, you don't need to purchase for your own domain or hosting.

Two types of QR codes 

As we have discussed, there are many types of QR code solutions for varying data types. However, these QR solutions can only be generated in two types: your QR solution can either be in a static QR code or a dynamic QR code.

Now, what is the difference between the two?

Static QR codeWhat is a static QR code

Supposed you have generated your solution in a static mode; for example, you have generated your URL QR code in a static mode, then you cannot change your URL that you have generated to another URL.

It stays permanent as the data is embedded in the graphics of the code itself.

Moreover, the information encrypted in a static URL QR code solution is limited.

Dynamic QR code Dynamic qr code

Dynamic QR codes are advanced; you can edit their content anytime and track their scan metrics.

For instance, if you have generated your video QR code solution in a dynamic mode, you can change the data where it is redirected to. 

Therefore, you can replace your video QR code with another video landing page even if it has already been printed or displayed online.

The code's data using this type of QR code solution is not directly stored in the graphics of the code. Instead, it is stored in the QR code generator software, where you have generated your QR code, making them editable in content.  

It only displays a short URL in the graphics of the dynamic QR code solution that will lead the scanners to online information.

Furthermore, dynamic QR codes also have a QR code tracking system. Users will be able to see the important statistics of their scanners, such as the time they get the most scans in which they can filter these from days, months, or years; the device used by their scanners if they are an Android or iPhone users, and the location of their scanners.

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How to use a QR code in cosmetics packaging 

Industries for beauty add QR code and saw huge massive success as they are known to provide better engagement with the customers, provide transparency, and inform the buyer of the product they want to purchase. 

The cosmetic industry has a lot of advantages when using QR codes in their products due to their ability to provide multimedia content and choose what type of content they want to present to their customers.

Here are ways on how industries for aesthetic and beauty use QR code in their business:

1. Promote your app and boost downloads using an app QR code

L'oreal Loreal QR code

Image Source: L'Oreal 

L'oreal is one of the most known international cosmetics brands using QR codes for their marketing campaign. It partnered with Glamour and then came up with a marketing strategy to implement QR codes inside taxis and entertain passengers' who are stuck in heavy traffic!

The QR code initiative ads supported various product lines such as Lancôme and Yves Saint Laurent. The QR code ads displayed inside taxis will lead scanners to videos and information about different products and items and eventually lead them to its website. 

The quick-wit used of QR codes helped L'Oreal boost its app downloads using an app QR code.

Beauty Design HubBeauty design hub QR code

Beauty Design Hub is a beauty clinic that provides aesthetic services to its clients.

By using QR codes, they encourage customers to download their app to keep their clients updated about their services, appointments, upcoming offers, discounts, and availability.

2. Build accurate consumer profile 

QR code in skincare product Vaseline Vaseline QR code

Image Source

Vaseline, a brand under Unilever, launched a digital campaign using QR codes to access tailored brand content on their smartphones by scanning a code. 

Once the customer has scanned the QR code, they will enter a Unilever area. They can have exclusive access to electronic coupons, competitions, and bespoke information relating to the advertised product. 

According to Unilever, it will also capture crude data from consumers to build a more accurate consumer profile, while extensive research will be conducted around the trial by Kinetic.

Richard Brooke, communications buying Manager at Unilever UK, said: "Today's marketing is increasingly about finding ways to have conversations with our consumers, rather than using traditional one-way forms of advertising and promotion.

This trial is a test-bed to understand how we can use smartphones to open up new ways of enabling brand interaction. If the trial proves consumers enjoy this interaction, it could shape the future of marketing. It's an exciting time for advertising, and we're pleased to be leading the way in this exploratory trial."

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3. Give product details or ingredients information


Natrue, a Brussels-based international natural and organic cosmetics have also introduced QR codes to its cosmetic products. 

Once the QR code is scanned, it will lead the customer to a website containing the information about the product or an item, where they can educate themselves and be made aware of the product that they want to purchase. 

The company also explains in a press release: 

"An exciting part of the relaunch is the introduction of 'quick response' (QR) codes, allowing you to access this information in the shops. 

By taking a photo of the code, your phone will automatically lead you to the product-specific web link. 

The mobile technology replaces NaTrue's three-star labeling system, which only gave approximate information about the product. 

In the future, you can access any information about the product by consulting your mobile phone before the purchase."

4. Lead them to your website and boost traffic using a URL QR code 


Geodeo QR code on deodorant

When TCCD introduced its GeoDeo deodorant, they have innovated a better way of engaging its customers by integrating a QR code design in its products that will lead its customers to information about the ingredients of their items. 

This can be done by scanning the QR code printed on the black label.

Once the QR code is scanned, it will lead the customers to an infographic to highlight each ingredient's most essential information. They can quickly grasp and make an informed decision before purchasing it.

"Soon after Geodeo's new packaging launched, the brand saw a huge uptick in the number of visitors to its website, as well as an increase in positive online comments about the product's new formulation.

 Right now, the exact number of consumers that have been scanning Geodeo's QR code isn't known. But instinctively, Moe says it has definitely been a success.

 "It's a learning curve. We are working with a new supplier, so now we will be able to learn more about the code's users," says Moe. GeoDeo plans to have more digital tracking technologies in place when its next batch of label prints.

Geodeo's mobile users now account for 39% of the brand's website visits compared to 19% for TCCD's Naturally Fresh Deodorant, a brand that doesn't use a QR code on its packaging. Moe adds, "The QR code has been a great way for us to engage consumers."

Using the URL QR code, marketers can also redirect the scanners to their official website and boost traffic engagements. 

5. Show how-to videos 

There's no better engagement for your customers than to show them a video presentation about your product. You can also make a video about the manufacturing of your product up to its approval process.

This allows you to gain their trust and loyalty that your product is safe and approved by the authorities.

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6. Lead them to your social media accounts 

Social media QR code

One way you can grow your social media following, visibility, and engagement is through a social media QR code—a dynamic QR code that can store multiple social links and other URLs.

This lets your customers follow you on all social media platforms and build a strong and better social media presence.

7. Show reviews with a QR code in skincare productsFeedback QR code

Using a QR code, you can also let your scanners show product reviews of your item to build trust and loyalty among you and your customers. 

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Should you use a QR code in cosmetics packaging? 

Using a QR code in skincare and cosmetic packaging is a YES! With its multi-purpose ability, you will never run out of ideas on how you can use them.  

Furthermore, it allows you two ways of advertising stream. Online and offline marketing!

QR codes are scannable from a paper material advertisement, and they are also scannable when the QR code is displayed online! 

Best practices when using QR codes for your cosmetic packaging 

So before you generate your QR code, you should follow a few best practices to get the most out of your QR code marketing campaign. 

1. 1 QR code per QR code solution

As we have discussed, you can use many QR codes solution for specific uses or cases. For instance, if you generate a file QR code, you can only change or update your QR code content to another file under this solution.

If you have generated a URL QR code and plan on changing it, you can only change it to another URL and not to a file QR code. You should not mix and complicate this solution. 

There should be 1 QR code per 1 QR code solution.

2. Keep the QR code pattern and eyes darker than the background Inverted QR code

One of the main problems why the QR code takes so much time to scan or isn't working is its wrong color formatting. 

Do not make inverted QR code colors and keep enough color contrast.

3. Always do a test scan before finally printing or deploying your QR code  

Always do a test scan before deploying or printing your QR code and make sure it leads scanners to the correct information.   

4. Strategic placement of your QR code in your beauty packaging

Place your QR code strategically where it won't crumble and easily be noticed by your customers.  

5. Put a call to action QR code call to action

Most people still quite don't know what to do with the QR code, so it's better to put a CTA and instruct them to scan the QR code like "Scan me." 

6. Do not over-customize your QR code Customize QR code with logo

It is always advisable to make a custom QR code design instead of sticking to the traditional black and white QR and make your own customized QR code that will suit your product theme or purpose. 

However, you should not over-personalize your QR code to the point of changing its whole data pattern. Merely adding a logo, colors, eyes would do. Less is more, and less is elegant.

7.Download your QR code in SVG format

To resize your QR code without affecting its quality, the SVG format is better used than the PNG file. 

How to create QR codes in cosmetic products using the best QR code generator

  • Go to a QR code generator online
  • Select the QR code solution of your choice
  • Enter the corresponding data and generate your QR code
  • Customize and do a scan test after
  • Download print

Create QR codes in bulk 

You can also create QR codes in bulk for your items. To do this, you can also contact QR TIGER for more information.

Create through an API 

Suppose you want to integrate a QR Code generation system for your products. In that case, you can use an Application Programming Interface (API) tool in QR TIGER and generate your codes programmatically with your information system.

You need to send a request with data (QR Code design, size, format, and the data to be saved in it) to QR TIGER's API.  

Make a QR code now, or ask us for further assistance

With so many digital success in the cosmetic and beauty industry involving the QR code generator technology, these codes are only seen to be in demand in the coming years or so.

With the robust and tight competition in the marketplace, using QR codes will put you in advance! With its ability to be tracked and edited in content even after printing, you can assure a money-back guaranteed and a great return on your investments. 

If you still have questions, you can get in touch with us right now through our website.

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