QR Codes for Hotels and Resorts: Make Hotel Operation Contactless

Last updated:   March 27, 2023

As hotels are entering the future of hotel management systems, how are QR codes used by them? What are its enticing advantages?

The pandemic is affecting businesses in the food and hospitality industry.

In a current study conducted by the American Hotel and Lodging Association, hotels in the U.S. have lost $46 billion in room revenue since mid-February last year.

Because of this loss, 87 % of these hotels are forced to lay off more staff members to cover the damage it incurred.

As surviving is the key means of keeping a business afloat, hotel owners are looking for hoteling alternatives while following strict community health protocols and practices.

Because of these, QR code experts introduce the use of QR codes in their hotel operations.

If you are a hotel owner, and you want to learn more about these digital tools, here are some basic concepts that you should learn about.

What is a QR code for hotels and how does it work?

A QR code for hotels or hotel QR code is a collection of QR code solutions that serves as an alternative to the basic hotel operations.

Do QR codes expire for hotel uses? 

The answer is simply no. Though for dynamic QR codes, an active subscription is required. It's required to maintain the seamless experience of the advanced features.

This solution is mainly focused on improving hotel operations and services while ensuring the guests’ health safety.

These codes can serve as the guest’s portal for booking, check-ins, ordering room service, and checking out other amenities available in the hotel.

This is a great tool for diminishing operating resources and expenses.

How to generate a QR code for hotels?

Hotels struggle to improve its services and management.

By considering the use of new technological tools such as QR codes, hotel owners can step into the future and drive more ROI (return of investment) with minimum amounts of investment.

To start with QR codes, here are 5 simple ways on how to create one for hotels.

1. Open QR TIGER QR code generator online 

QR code generator

QR TIGER QR code generator online is the best safe and trusted QR code software that businesses are using today.

With its ad-free, intuitive and minimalistic design, users with personal and business visions can continue on their QR code journey without any generation delays.

QR codes with logo

2. Select the category you want to generate your QR code for hotels.

After you have opened the QR code generator, proceed in selecting the category you want to generate your QR code with.

The QR code solution that you can use can range from its typical URL hosting function to store files such as images, video, audio, and documents like PDF, word document, and spreadsheets.

With the use of dynamic QR code solutions, data editing, tracking, and bulk QR code is a great game-changing solution that they can offer.

Unlike the typical static QR codes,  a dynamic QR code can hold more relevant business solutions for long-term usage.

3. Enter the required field and generate your QR code

Once you have chosen the category you want to generate your QR code with, fill in the required fields.

The generation will not continue if you leave other required fields. 

In this way, you will not struggle in repeating the same steps and successfully generate your QR code.

4. Customize and test your QR code.

Customize QR code

Now that you have generated your QR code, you can customize it by choosing the set of patterns, eye shapes, and colors to match your business.

Also, you can add your logo, and call to action tags to give your guests a preview of its content. As you are customizing it to match your hotel branding, you should always consider the right customizing guidelines to ensure its scannability.

To ensure that the content you are generating in your QR code works, running a series of tests is requisite before downloading and deploying them in your hotel lobby, and rooms.

This way, you can avoid any future scanning errors and avoid any negative customer feedback.

5. Download and deploy your QR code.

The final step in generating the QR code for your hotel is to download and deploy them in your hotel and in your booking website online.

To ensure the QR code’s quality, QR code experts recommend the use of vector formats like SVG.

When deploying your QR code in physical places like the hotel lobby and rooms, there is a recommended printing guideline that you can follow.

How to use QR codes for hotels? Creative QR code ideas for hotels

QR codes are created to ease mundane tasks and accelerate their process. Because of its purpose, QR code experts make a list of 10 use-cases of QR codes that hotels can use in their operations.

These use-cases are as follows.

Hotel bookings

Hotel booking QR code

In the past years, fewer tourists are booking their hotels through third-party websites. And with their recent booking fails using these sites, they learned a travel lesson in a hard way.

Because of that, travelers are now trying to book their hotel reservations directly to the hotel’s website.

But as they are trying to contact them directly, finding the right domain can be hard for them to determine.

To address this issue, hotel owners can integrate the use of QR codes in doing such bookings through the use of an online booking form like Jotform and Google Forms.

Through this, people with tourism and business purposes can book their hotel with ease and security.

QR code hotel check-ins

QR code hotel check-in

Some hotels are still using the traditional hotel check-in systems, where guests need to go to the reception area to get their keys.

The threat posing to their guests’ and staff’s health is high. Because of this, modern hoteliers are recommending the use of online hotel check-in systems to minimize the time guests are queueing up at the front desk. 

With numerous online legit hotel check-in systems available online, hoteliers can fasten their hotel operations and improve its customer experience.

For easier online hotel check-in access, hoteliers can integrate the use of QR codes.

In this way, guests will no longer need to type the online hotel check-in system’s domain.

Personalized guest welcome messages

Welcome message QR code

In the hospitality industry, having great customer service means more guests to cater to.

Because of that, hotel owners are thinking of unique and unconventional means of welcoming their guests through complimentary snacks and entertainment.

Now that we are entering a new era where modern technology counts as a wow factor to guests, some hotels are using QR codes as their means of welcoming their guests.

These QR codes can also be placed in coasters and hotel souvenirs by attaching them. In this way, guests will scan the QR code and get the personalized welcome message through their phone screens.

In this way, they will feel their importance to the hotel they are staying in. This can be done using a text QR code. 

Hotel QR code as room keys

Hotels with upper-class accommodations use RFID cards to unlock hotel rooms for secure guest’s privacy. But as scanning RFID cards can take some time before it successfully opens, the guest’s patience is tested.

Because of that, tech enthusiasts are finding new means to use modern technology in locking and unlocking hotel rooms. And one of the solutions they successfully made it through is using QR codes as hotel room keys.

Customer reviews

QR code for reviews

Hotels earn their stars through constructive customer reviews.

Traditional customer review surveys may tire guests from answering them or lessen their time in preparing for their departure.

To avoid this delay, an online customer feedback survey in the form of QR codes is used. In this way, hotel owners can get their feedbacks in a modern and quick way.

As this action is pertinent to maintain a healthy business and customer relationship, hotels are able to discern which service should they boost up to future guests.

Restaurant recommendations

One of the reasons why people love to travel is to taste some famous local cuisines. Because of this, hotels are listing restaurants within their area to recommend their guests with it.

But as physical lists can be torn or accidentally thrown at the garbage, the guests will not able to go to the said restaurants.

To avoid this to happen, some hotels are integrating the use of QR codes to create an interactive list where guests will rate and check the restaurants and food stalls that they have visited.

In this way, they can help the local community tourism grow.

Appliance Instruction guides

QR code for instructions

One of the problems hotel guests are facing when checking into their rooms is trying to figure out how the room’s appliances work.

Because of that, hotels are posting appliance instruction guides on their walls. 

But as these guides are ruining the hotel room’s ambiance, guests are giving them low ratings.

To escape this mistake, QR code experts introduce the use of QR codes to host electronic instruction guides in the form of PDF or videos for guests to easily follow.

In this way, the guests can use the room appliances without any hassle.

Gallery for all the services offered by the hotel

If a guest wants to splurge its vacation stay in your hotel, you can recommend all the services you offer through the use of brochure QR codes.

By letting them scan the QR code, they can scroll through the gallery of services the hotel offers with its description and pricing.

In this way, guests will not have a hard time reading physical brochures.

Maps for hotel tours

Hotel map QR code

If your guest wants to tour the hotel grounds and amenities, you can give them a copy of your PDF QR code containing the map of the hotel. In this way, your guest will no longer need to carry a map when touring.

Marketing in the print paper

The best way to market your hotel is through the use of QR codes, especially dynamic QR codes.

Using it, you can track pertinent scanning data in real-time and determine the demographics of your guests.

In this way, you can learn about their culture and personalize your welcome greetings to them.

Benefits of QR codes for Hotels

There are 5 reasons why hotels should use QR codes in their operations and services.

Reduces paper usage

File QR code

In 2015, the Radisson SAS Group have reported that an average guest uses three kilograms of unsorted waste per night.

This waste is can be categorized as paper receipts, registration cards, and sales invoices. Because of that, many environmentalists are urging them to go paperless.

But as finding the right tool to start a paperless transaction begins, some hotel groups are incorporating the use of QR codes.

With its ability to store information for basic usage, hotels are able to cut down their paper use and also diminish the chance of getting your staff and guests contaminated with the virus.

Hotel QR code shows all information in one scan

One great way to store pertinent information with one scan is through the use of QR codes.

Dynamic QR codes in particular can host multiple URLs in one code where users can select what service or form do they want to visit.

Also, it can direct guests towards a website with the language they are native with.

Through this, hotel owners will not have a hard time translating their services with their international guests.

Accelerate check-in duration

With its 2D scanning orientation, hotel guests can check-in in less than one minute. Because of it, guests will not have to line up with other guests just to check-in to their rooms.

Through the use of hotel check-in QR codes, the time spent in checking in to the hotel accelerates.

Gives new experiences to guests

Rating QR code

The reason why people when traveling choose to stay in a hotel is to collect new travel experience. Because of this, hotels are finding new means to give their guests a new hotel experience.

With the use of QR codes, hotel owners can give new experiences to guests by engaging them with modern technology transactions.


Cost efficient QR codeWith the pandemic affecting the hospitality and restaurant economy, the need for reducing hotel operation cost intensifies.

With the use of QR codes, hotel owners can reduce their costs in paper-based operations such as registration forms, check-in forms, and customer feedback surveys. 

Through the use of it, many hotels can save their operating costs and extend their period of continuous service.

QR code generator with logo

QR codes for hotels – future of hospitality operations

QR codes for hotels can drive the future of hospitality operations. Because of this, many hotel check-ins and checkout steps will no longer use the first-come, first-serve policy.

Using this innovative technology, travelers can enjoy their adventure without needing to quickly rush to the hotel to check-in.

With the help of the best QR code generator like QR TIGER, hoteliers can pull off QR code powered hotel operations.

If you own a hotel and want to be the first to use digital technology to run your business in the future, you can start making QR codes with QR TIGER right now.  

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