How to Use QR Codes for Advertising

Last updated:   March 02, 2023

Many people still get baffled when they see QR code advertisements and marketing. They think of them as black-and-white graphical barcodes.

However, new QR codes are more than just traditional barcodes; they include text, images, HTML pages, and more. And this detailed information can be accessed and scanned by using a QR code reader or smartphone device in photo mode.

Along with other unique features, the QR codes can be scanned using smartphones.

Like many other companies and marketers, landlords and property owners have also integrated QR code ads for their business deals. 

Today, QR codes are integrated everywhere, including tickets, banners, lottery tickets, table tents, flyers, etc. 

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Some of the most apparent advantages that any landlord can get by using QR codes are as follows:

How to use QR codes for advertising

1. Link customers to your social media

QR code on advertisingPeople these days are heavily dependent on social media.

They research almost everything through the internet. Be it simple clothing or renting a property.

So to capture a more extensive market niche, it is ideal for taking help from the QR codes as you can conveniently create linkage between you and your customers to your Facebook page.

These codes will allow anyone to see your ad to scan the code conveniently, so they will be re-directed to your Facebook page or your Instagram profile page.  

2. Expedite your advertising strategies

QR code on brochuresThese QR codes have augmented business growth for several start-ups. People are generally in a rush every single minute of their day.

It is a fact these days that people don't have any time to jot down the lengthy contact details from an ad.

To expedite your advertising strategies, make it stress-free for all your customers by using QR code ads on your billboards, subway signs, flyers, etc. 

Your prospective customers can quickly scan the code and check your product's details while they're on the move.

3. Arrange for a contest or Promotional activity using QR code for advertisement

QR code on business establishmentsThe potential customers or tenants will automatically be attracted if you allow them to scan a promotional QR code. These codes can enable them to receive a discount off their rent.

Similarly, QR codes can be used to organize contests that have rewards and benefits.

4. Provide information, address, and location using QR codes for real estate

QR code for real estate

It is possible for you to use the QR codes for making the information as the location of your property accessible for your potential tenants. 

Instead of the traditional methods to provide addresses, you can use QR codes in real estate to guide your tenants to find your location merely through a scan.

Ideal for real estate when you rent or sell a property. 

5. QR codes for advertising retain your existing customers.

QR code for advertisingYou don't have to market and advertise to attract new customers. In fact, these techniques can be employed to retain existing customers as well.

You can use the QR codes to make your existing customers a part of different gifting or discounting activities or plans etc.

6. Fetch testimonial and genuine feedback

Feedback QR codeBy placing a QR code on your company's application, you can link it to your customers' video.

They can provide genuine testimonials.

You can allow the other tenants to watch these videos to have an honest view of your property. 

QR codes on marketing campaigns: Why is it important? 

QR codes give a digital dimension to your product, unlike the traditional marketing setup.

In today's world, where consumers want the in-the-now solution to their problems and queries, QR codes help to deliver the information and solution inaccuracy. 

QR codes are accessible using smartphone devices, which makes them wise to incorporate in any marketing. Besides, everyone owns a smartphone these days, right? Who doesn't, right? 

To make it even more interesting, many mobile gadgets now have a built-in scanning QR code that is able to decode these codes easily. 

You can use QR codes for different types of advertising or marketing no matter what form you may please to implement them.

You can print a QR code on intangible materials like flyers, booklets, billboards, etc., or you can have them distributed around your social media platforms. 

QR codes are scan-able from printed materials and as well from a computer screen. 

5 QR code marketing ideas and ways to effectively use QR codes in an advertisement

There are multiple uses of QR codes in advertising and even in real life. You can catch your target audience's fleeting attention by making your campaigns as creative as possible.

With QR codes, you can be as creative as you can while boosting your marketing chances to skyrocket! 

1. QR codes in printed adsQR code on printed ads

This is probably one of the most use-cases of QR codes in advertising.

You can make interactive dealing with your readers from booklets, posters, magazines, or any other print materials.

You can also tempt the readers to visit your company website through a website QR code by giving them prizes, free meals, or discounts that can only be used by when they scan the code. 

This grows your website's traffic for your business. 

2. Product PackagingQR code product packaging

You can use QR codes in your product packaging to win your consumers' trust by providing them the genuine ingredients or recipes of the product you offer when they scan the QR code!

By being transparent, you build a rapport and earn your consumers' trust that will even lead you to attract new potential customers!

3. vCard QR codevCard QR code

Some people are the market. Let's admit it. Did you know that you can upgrade your business cards through QR codes? Because yes, you can. 

You can use a business QR code that will provide your clients with more information about you. 

You can add your social media profiles to your business QR code attached to your card. 

It will likely make you more notable and will increase your chances of future calls. 

4. QR code that leads your scanners to online reviewQR code survey

Reviews are important to know your target audience's pulse! You can use a QR code to lead your scanners to leave a review of your business online.

5. QR codes on banner and advertising

QR codes on bannerAdd a digital touch to your advertising campaign with a QR code and on a banner and provide further details about what you offer!

A customized QR code with a cool graphic design will be more likely to attract attention from people.  Furthermore, the QR code saves space on your banner from extra information.

You can also print your QR codes and deploy them around areas with high traffic of people.

If you're using a Dynamic QR code and want to update the information behind it, you can do this without reproducing your QR codes. 

Real-life example of QR code advertisement: QR code advertising in the sky of Shanghai

In China's commercial capital, over 1,500 drones wowed onlookers as it forms a QR code when the show of Bilibili and Cygames ends.

Drones QR code

An example of a QR code advertisement is the massive display of QR code in the sky that redirects to a website of the gaming company Cygames once scanned using smartphones. Then a scanner can download the video game instantly.

Use QR codes for advertising now

QR codes have several unique features; you can use this latest brainchild to enhance and expand your business reach.

These codes can be attached to google maps to make navigation easy.

Similarly, many such facilities have convinced people to go for QR codes instead of traditional coding systems that are losing their relevance with advancements in technology.

It's important to use dynamic QR codes as they can help you update all your information behind your QR codes like URL instantly, and Dynamic QR codes allow you to track valuable consumer data!

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Frequently asked questions

QR code examples in ads: Are there any brands using QR codes? 

QR codes for advertising have been exceedingly useful in small, medium, and large enterprises.

But over time, even the most well-known brands realized the advantage and benefits of QR codes in marketing.

Some of the prominent brands using QR codes are Zara, Victoria's Secret, Ralph Lauren, Diesel, L'Oreal, and many others. 

brands using qr codes