QR Code Marketing That Gets Scans: Here's the Technique

Last updated:   March 27, 2023

Using QR code marketing strategies that get scans from the target audience has something to do with the overall appearance of your QR.

Yes, that’s right. Appealing QR codes with call-to-action (CTA) is the key.

Customizing your QR codes can increase or double your revenue, spread brand recognition, and gather substantial customer insights.

Today, businesses have fused their digital as well as print-media ad campaigns through QR codes.

From using QR codes in retail, food packaging, and window shopping stores, to massive QR code drone display stunts—you name it.

These 2D codes can do anything you wish to do with it.

The increasing QR code marketing statistics assert that old-school advertising may not be as effective today as it was before.

In fact, two of the most groundbreaking QR code marketing extravaganza just happened recently: the Coinbase QR code in Superbowl and the QR code drone display in Austin, Texas.

Generating a QR code for marketing strategies provides a more interactive and engaging experience for your existing and potential customers.

QR code marketing campaign: Things to consider when making QR codes that get scans

Have you ever wondered why some businesses rant about how their QR code isn’t getting enough leads or isn’t functioning the way they want it to?

This is because they are probably generating their QR codes the wrong way!

Using digital tools in your marketing campaigns requires a keen eye for detail.

Following these points to create an effective QR code marketing strategy that generates scans:

Before deploying your QR code in marketing materials

There are certain things you need to remember and do first thing before placing your QR codes on marketing materials.

1.   Think and pick a QR code solution suitable for your marketing campaign

Several high-functioning QR code solutions await you at the best QR code generator with a logo.

Each solution has its own unique features that are capable of elevating your tech-driven marketing campaign. 

2.   Establish an engaging and informative landing page

QR code on landing page

Make sure your landing page and QR code blend in together to engage more users.

Another problem as to how QR codes don’t usually get the expected leads is that landing pages aren’t mobile-friendly.

QR scanners, if not all, are mostly from smartphone devices and when your web page or content embedded in your marketing QR code is not mobile-friendly who would still like to scan it, right?

During the creation of your QR code marketing campaigns

Remember these expert tips when you’re generating a QR code for marketing campaigns:

1.   Generate a dynamic QR code

A dynamic QR code has numerous features perfect for any business-related endeavor.

You can edit/update the content and URL, track the scans, retarget and remarket, integrate google analytics, feature google tag manager, set a password, notify you via email, and many more.

2.   Add a call-to-action (CTA) on your QR code to encourage customers to scan

QR code frameAdding a frame and call to actions like “Watch Video”, “Subscribe Now”, “Get Discount”, “Scan Now”, or “Avail Coupon” is a QR code strategy that can definitely make a difference. 

Call-to-action (CTA) encourages your target audience to take action with your QR code. 

CTAs should be short yet interesting.

It should give out a sense of motivation or encouragement to take that phone out of your pocket and scan your QR code.

3.   Make a branded QR code for easy brand recognition with customization options

Customize branded QR code

Use the advanced customization features of a QR code generator to do away from the old-school black-and-white appearance.

Design them per your brand image or service provided and you’ll certainly get more scans than a regular QR code.

This professional strategy increases your conversion rate and helps your customers better recognize your QR code simply because it has your logo. 

4.   Avoid creating inverted QR codes

QR code to avoidOne of the most common mistakes when generating a QR code is inverting the colors.

When customizing your codes, remember that QR codes should always be darker than the background as this makes the code easily scanned.

5.   Test the code before clicking the download button

Performing a test scan for your QR code allows you to recognize errors before you could download and deploy them on marketing materials.

6.   Choose the SVG format when downloading your QR codes

Using the SVG image format gives you the power to resize or adjust your QR code without compromising its quality.

When deploying QR codes on marketing materials

Before you proceed with placing the QR code marketing campaign on your promotional materials, be sure to take heed of the following:

1.   Consider the right size of the QR code

QR code sizeAgain, the ideal size of the QR code depends upon your medium.

For instance, you can’t use the same QR code size you posted on your web page on a bottle cap, right?

Also, the QR code you used on the bottle cap cannot be used on a bigger poster, flyer, or landing page. 

And if you’ve been following this practice, insufficient may downgrade the image quality – resulting in hindering the scanning process. 

2.   Check the quality of the QR code image

Make sure that the QR codes are not pixelated or blurry as this will definitely affect their scannability.

Bad-quality QR codes are a nuisance to your marketing as this will affect the user experience and the feedback you get from your customers.

3.   Examine the materials before printing the QR code in bulk

Before printing bulk QR codes, be sure that the surfaces are not tampered with and are perfectly clean.

Generating QR codes in large volumes and strategically placing them on substandard materials could possibly cause a loss in profit.

See to it that both the QR codes and the materials are of great quality before deploying them to the public.

4.   Secure that QR code placement is at eye-level

QR code placement on productsThe perfect placement of your marketing QR code varies on the type of medium where they will be placed.

For instance, a QR code should be big and visible enough to grab the audience’s attention on a poster. 

The most common are QR codes in product packaging.

When added to your packaging, QR codes can come in handy. 

You can embed your website as a landing page if buyers scan the QR code found in your packaging.

This can make your customers well-acquainted with your brand or product.

You can redirect them to extensive details about what they bought, to a customer service platform where they can give feedback and report problems, or to informational videos and content about your business. 

The possibilities are endless when adding marketing QR codes to your packaging.

QR TIGER’s QR code solutions for your brand marketing strategies

Since you’ve learned the basics of how to effectively maximize the capacity and the efficiency of your marketing QR codes, here are ideas on how to incorporate or utilize QRs into your own brand and business:

Lead them to your website or any promotional link with a URL QR code

Url QR codeYou can embed your own brand website into your marketing QR codes. 

Converting a URL into a QR code relieves them from the hassle of typing in the URL or searching your website.

This way customers will be redirected to your official web pages once they scan the URL QR code.

Embed different file formats using the File QR code

Easily share files with co-marketers and clients using a File QR code. 

This dynamic QR code solution can embed files in various formats such as PDF, word file, excel, MP3, MP4, Jpeg, PNG, GIF, and many more.

Share entertaining and informative content with a video QR code

Video marketing QR codes for social media is more effective in getting the audience's attention.

Shorts, TikToks, and reels now have their own special ranking factors and marketers are making full use of them in their online campaigns.

These videos can be placed with a QR code on a poster both online and offline, and the video QR code solution will help you track the effectiveness of these campaigns.

Don't forget to add a compelling call to action so people will be enticed to scan the QR code and see the video.

Give your contact details using the vCard QR code

Vcard QR code

You can input all of your contact details when generating this QR code solution so that when your customers scan them, they can be redirected to your contact number, email, or maybe the customer service platform.

By giving them access to your company’s contact details, they can communicate with you directly.

Increase social media exposure with a social media QR code

Social media QR codeSimply integrate all of your social media profiles in a single social media QR code that can be easily accessed with a quick scan using a smartphone.

Deploying this QR code solution in any marketing material such as food packaging and coupons will surely create a surge in your social traffic. 

Thus, increasing your brand awareness and sales to potential customers.

Generate a menu QR code for a safe and contactless menu

Digital menu QR codeSwitch to a safer alternative in these difficult times with a contactless menu.

Create a menu QR code for your restaurants and food houses to secure a safe dining experience for customers.

The good thing about this is that even if there are changes in menu items and prices, you can easily edit and update your menu since this is a dynamic QR code.

Market your applications with an App store QR code

Redirecting users to an app store landing page depending on the type of operating software of the phone is the function of an app store QR code.

So, if you have an application that needs an influx of downloads, this is the best QR code solution to use on a strategic marketing campaign.

Promote promos and events with the H5 QR code

For businesses that don’t have a website but still wish to create a landing page that displays product details, promos, and other events, generating an H5 QR code is the solution.

Rather than facing difficulties in developing your own site, you can just use an H5 editor QR code solution.

You can go all out designing the HTML before embedding it on the QR code.

Use Wi-Fi QR codes for better service

Wifi QR codeIndeed, getting better reviews and positive feedback from customers is attainable if you use a Wi-Fi QR code to let your clients easily connect to your internet connection.

And who doesn’t love it when you get free internet access? 

This efficient tool omits the laborious and erroneous process of manually typing in the Wi-Fi password of your establishments, so this promotes quick service that every customer love.

Upgrade email marketing with an email QR code

An email QR code redirects the audience to your email address, allowing them to easily contact you.

This strategy provides an opportunity to establish a strong connection with your market, offer a convenient electronic mailing alternative, and secure a better user experience.

Why dynamic QR codes are a substantive and cost-efficient tool for digital marketing in the long run

Integrating QR codes into your marketing strategies gives you an economical alternative. The following are the reasons behind it:

Allows you to edit URLs and contents

Dynamic QR code

If you wish to update and edit information embedded in your QR code, you can easily change them if you generated a dynamic QR code.

This is because a dynamic QR code has a helpful feature that lets you, the users, edit out erroneous and outdated facts and information. 

Doing this promotes an economical alternative since this doesn’t require you to spend another hefty amount on brand-new marketing materials.

Track the scans of your QR code campaign

Being aware of your marketing analytics is the fundamental need to be able to successfully implement your QR code marketing campaign. 

Due to this reason, QR TIGER gives you the benefit of tracking the analytics of the QR code.

You can trace how many times the QR codes have been scanned, the location from where it has been scanned, the device used to scan them, or at what time the QR has been scanned.

Readable via print or digital

The best thing about a QR code generator with a logo, the QR TIGER, is that QR codes generated with it can be easily scanned even if it’s printed in print media or digital displays.

So, this makes the perfect tool to integrate with your printed ads or LED displays.

Guarantee a successful QR code marketing campaigns with QR TIGER

Following the above tips, you will probably get the most out of your QR code marketing. Concerned about the results?

If so, try using a dynamic and smart QR code generator with a logo so you can track the user activity on each QR code you make.  

Many brands and companies still don’t understand the massive potential of QR Codes, they could tell the story of your product in one scan, a great added value for the customer and valuable data for the brand! Sounds good?

You can always make your first-time customers become your loyal customers.

How? Add QR codes to your products or store in which they can scan them to get exclusive promos and offers for their second, third, and fourth purchase, and so on.

If you have more questions, just give us a call or send us an email, and our customer service team will be happy to help you.

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